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Bolt Down Armco Type Crash Barrier Posts

Crash barrier posts are used to provide support to Armco type crash barrier beams.

Bolt down posts are commonly used when a concrete slab is available,  typically in locations such as factories, warehouses and carparks. Where no concrete slab exists Dig-in posts may be used as an alternative.

Bolt down crash barrier posts are available in different versions depending the application requirements:

  • Z type posts are a cost effective option however are likely to deform in the event of a collision and then requiring replacement.
  • RSJ posts are a heavier duty post and sue to the cross-sectional shape offer resistance to bending and shearing in the event of an impact.
  • RSJ shock absorbing post, as above however the RSJ post is mounted between shock absorbing rubbers which allows the post to deflect slightly in a collision to absorb some of the impact.
  • Spring Steel Posts are also designed to deflect under a light impact, this reduces potential damage to both the crash barrier and the vehicle.
  • Handrail Post, features a handrail attachment for easy installation of handrails where crash barriers are installed in pedestrian areas.

For off-highway usage in locations such as private roads, industrial sites, factories, warehouses and carparks.

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