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Project Support

  • Experienced technical team, with an in depth knowledge of relevant standards.
  • Custom solutions to help meet specific project needs.
  • Our team can work from full technical drawings to basic sketches, no project is to big or small.
  • Cost and time saving potential, by optimising the use of the interclamp product range.
  • Ensuring products are used correctly, contributing to the overall quality of and durability of the project.

Welcome to Interclamp's Project Support Service, your go-to resource for simplifying and enhancing your construction projects. With our extensive range of fittings and expert guidance, we're dedicated to ensuring your projects are efficient, cost-effective, and successful.

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Benefits of Interclamp Project Support

Expert Guidance: Customers can benefit from expert guidance throughout their project. Interclamp's team can provide insights and advice on the best practice for using their products effectively in various applications.

Custom Solutions: The project support service can help customers tailor solutions to their specific needs. This may involve customising designs or recommending alternative solutions to meet unique project requirements.

Cost Savings: By leveraging Interclamp's expertise, customers can potentially save costs by avoiding mistakes and optimising their use of Interclamp products.

Efficiency: With support from Interclamp's team, projects can proceed more efficiently. Timely assistance and guidance can help prevent delays and ensure smooth project execution. 

Quality Assurance: Interclamp's project support service can help ensure the products are used correctly, which contributes to the overall quality and durability of the project.

Compliance: Interclamp can provide assistance in ensuring that projects comply with relevant regulations and standards, helping clients avoid costly compliance issues.

Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, the project support service aims to enhance customer satisfaction by providing reliable support and assistance throughout the project lifecycle.


See our design and installation page for more information and our terms and conditions. 


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