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Powder Coating

  • Contrasting colours available to assist the visually impaired
  • Customises Interclamp® handrail system to client's colour requirements
  • Wide choice of colours available
  • High visibility options for low-light and safety-orientated applications
  • Can help to achieve the “not cold to the touch” handrail requirements of BS 8300
  • May be used to provide visual contrast between handrail and background
  • Powder coated tube stocked in common sizes and colours

For customising to specific end-user requirements, polyester powder coating may be applied over the galvanising of the tubes in a wide spectrum of RAL or BS colours on request, including Interclamp Safety Yellow. The combination of powder coated tubes and Interclamp fittings in standard finish is particularly aesthetically pleasing, although where necessary, powder coating may also be applied to the Interclamp fittings as well.

Powder coating may also provide visual contrast to handrail structures without being highly reflective as specified by BS 8300:2018 and the Building Regulations Part M 2015/16. Through the use of contrasting colour schemes, handrails may more easily be identified by people with reduced sight or on emergency exit routes, particularly under conditions of reduced light or limited visibility.

In addition to adding colour to any installation, powder coating can also help to achieve the “not cold to the touch” handrail requirements of BS 8300 and the Building Regulations Part M, making buildings more accessible and inclusive to people of reduced mobility during periods of cold weather. Acting as an insulator to extreme cold, powder coating reduces the thermal conductivity of the handrail, offsetting the effects of harsh weather conditions and hence encouraging the use of the handrail when it is frequently needed the most for the safety of both ramp and staircase users. In terms of compliance with standards and norms, this requirement is sometimes incorrectly, but perhaps understandably, stated as “warm to the touch”.     

Please contact us with your requirements, so that we can discuss the options available to meet the needs of your exact specification, including fire resistance to British and European Standards and customer-specific fire safety performance. We hold tube in the most common sizes and colours in stock.



Due to the limitations of computer monitors and printing, the colours are for illustration purposes only.

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