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Why choose key clamp fittings over welded handrails and guardrails?

Top 5 reasons:

If you’re planning on constructing a safety barrier, handrail or guardrail at home, work, or anywhere else, then you should consider the benefits of using tube clamp handrail fittings rather than prefabricated, welded handrails or guardrails. Here are five reasons why:


Handrails may be fabricated both on-site and off-site but both have different challenges to overcome. Off-site fabrication can result in costly transportation of the safety structure to the installation site; and on-site fabrication requires skilled labour, transporting bulky welding equipment, and potentially obtaining hot-work permits.

With Interclamp tube clamp handrail fittings, assembly and installation are straightforward: purchase the components you need to form the safety structure which can be delivered directly to site and with minimal tools, drive to the installation site, and assemble the parts securing them with a hex key.


Fabricated handrails are difficult to repair and maintain because the components are welded together. This means if a section of the structure is damaged, further skilled labour is required to cut out and weld in replacement sections or potentially replace the entire structure.

With tube clamp handrail fittings, damaged components can be separated from the entire structure with a simple hex hey and easily replaced with minimal tools and labour.


Interclamp handrail fittings are hot-dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 giving a corrosion resistant finish for an extended life. Interclamp fittings feature a secondary coating over the hot-dipped galvanising to enhance corrosion protection and to extend the life of the product. This gives Interclamp the benefit of a premium quality, aesthetically pleasing finish.

With fabricated handrails, welding cannot be performed on galvanised materials and requires the galvanised coating to be removed. Although zinc based paints can be used to offer some protection this does not provide the same level of durability and corrosion protection as hot-dipped galvanising.


Welded handrails and guardrails can pose safety issues during assembly, such as fumes, fires, burns and electric shocks.

When using Interclamp key clamp handrail fittings these hazards are reduced as no welding is required. This greatly simplifies the installation process increasing safety for the installer.


Interclamp handrail fittings provide a modular solution which means that structures can be adapted and adjusted with minimal tools as and when required. Once a welded handrail has been constructed it requires further, costly, skilled labour and equipment to make any alterations.

The core range of Interclamp fittings has been tested and type approved by TÜV Rheinland, the leading worldwide independent test house. Optimal production techniques and stringent quality controls ensure a reliable and consistent product.

The quality and consistency of welded structures is dependent on the skill of the welder. With varying skills and levels of experience this makes it much harder to ensure a constant level of quality is achieved.

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