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Red and Black Powder Coated DDA Disability Handrails

Outdoor Handrails - Powder Coated

We've implemented Interclamp DDA Assist to ensure safety and accessibility for residents along various ramps, stairs, and elevated pathways. Our smooth, continuous handrailing not only meets DDA compliance standards but also offers enhanced user experience.

Thanks to the innovative design of Interclamp DDA Assist, installation is quick and easy, requiring no welding or pre-fabrication. All components can be conveniently delivered directly to the site, minimizing the need for extensive tools during installation.

For DDA access ramps, the handrail tube was specifically supplied with a red powder coating, meeting "not cold to the touch" requirements while providing visual contrast against the background.

Additionally, Interclamp Pedestrian Barriers have been installed to prevent falls, boasting an attractive black powder coat finish for both functionality and aesthetics.

Experience safety, accessibility, and style with Interclamp DDA Assist – your solution for compliant and visually appealing infrastructure.


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