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Disability access ramp with handrails in Saundersfoot

At Saundersfoot Harbour, pedestrian guardrails fortified with Interclamp tube clamp fittings stand tall, ensuring public safety and fall protection along the steep harbour walls. These guardrails also facilitate accessibility on stairs and access ramps, enhancing overall usability.

Crafted with galvanized double-coat and stainless steel setscrews, our guardrails boast superior corrosion resistance, extending their lifespan in the harsh coastal environment. This durable construction not only ensures longevity but also adds an aesthetically pleasing finish to the surroundings. For added customization, we offer various color options through our Powder Coating service.

Assembly of the guardrails was swift and efficient onsite, requiring minimal tools. The tube and components were easily transported to the location, simplifying the installation process. With Interclamp fittings, assembly is a breeze using a simple hex key, eliminating the need for welding and ensuring increased safety. Say goodbye to bulky welding equipment and pre-fabrication – Interclamp fittings offer a streamlined solution without compromising on safety or quality.


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