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Full Height Self Closing Gate - Galvanised

Interclamp Full Height Self Closing Gates feature a robust and durable spring-loaded self-closing hinge to automatically close the gate for personnel protection. The sprung hinges are tension adjustable and can be set to the required amount of closing force. The key clamp self closing gates are ideal for fall prevention and personnel protection in areas such as access ladders and stairways, walkways, warehouses, zone segregation and machinery guards.

The Interclamp Self Closing Gate has been designed to comply with the requirements of EN 14122. 

Custom designs are also available to suit your requirements, please contact us.

Product Data & Dimensions

Size A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Part No
  C42 1194     GI395C42/1000
  D48 1194 500 600 GI395D48/1000

Figures given as guidance only, dimensions and weights are subject to manufacturing tolerances and may be altered without prior notice.

Do not perform any pre-drilling, tube cutting, casting uprights or any other dimensionally critical processes prior to receiving fittings.

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