392 - Pedestrian Barrier Panels

392 - Pedestrian Barrier Panels

Designed to integrate fully with the Interclamp system, to provide rapid construction of pedestrian control structures. Top and bottom rails are 1 1/2” nominal bore (48.3mm od) tube with 12mm solid vertical bars. To improve visibility for drivers through the barriers, the bars are staggered. The barriers meet the infill requirements of Sections 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 of BS 7818:1995 (Pedestrian Restraint Systems in Metal). Custom sizes are also available on request.

Standard Sizes
900mm wide x 1000mm high
1800mm wide x 1000mm high

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Product Data & Dimensions

Size Weight (kg) Box Qty*
  D48 900mm   14   1
  D48 1800mm   14   1