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The benefits of powder coating your key clamp fittings.

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How does powder coating work?

Powder coating employs an electrostatic method and the process of curing to create a strong bond with the surface. For any surface that undergoes electrostatic applications, the metal components are properly grounded. Although the powder itself is non-reactive, it acquires an electrostatic charge when propelled through the spray guns. These guns are equipped with an electrode attachment that imparts an electrical charge to the powder particles. Upon being sprayed onto the grounded surface, the particles adhere firmly. Through the subsequent curing process, the particles fuse together, forming a durable and dense coating as the finish is melted and solidified.

What benefit does powder coating offer?

Protects surfaces from corrosion:

The resilient powder coating creates a thick protective layer on the object, effectively withstanding impacts, and scratches. Unlike traditional paint, powder coating typically eliminates the need for touch-ups caused by chipping or fading. It offers enduring coloration, making it ideal for applications in challenging surroundings that demand long-lasting performance.

Visual contrast:

Powder coating offers the advantage of creating visual differentiation in handrail structures without excessive reflectiveness, as outlined in BS 8300:2018 and the Building Regulations Part M 2015/16. By employing contrasting colour schemes, handrails can be easily identified by individuals with visual impairments or in emergency exit routes, especially in low-light situations or situations with limited visibility.

“Not cold to the touch”:

In addition to introducing vibrant colour to various installations, powder coating also plays a crucial role in meeting the "not cold to the touch" handrail requirements specified in BS 8300 and the Building Regulations Part M. This enhances accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with reduced mobility, particularly during cold weather conditions. By acting as an insulator against extreme cold, powder coating diminishes the thermal conductivity of the handrail. As a result, it mitigates the impact of inclement weather and promotes the use of the handrail, which is often essential for the safety of both ramp and staircase users. This requirement is occasionally misstated as "warm to the touch," which is understandable but not accurate when it comes to compliance with standards and regulations.

Aesthetic reasons:

To cater to individual end-user preferences, polyester powder coating can be utilised to customise the galvanised tubes & fittings in a broad range of RAL or BS colours, including the option of Interclamp Safety Yellow, upon request. The use of powder coated tubes in conjunction with Interclamp fittings in their standard finish creates a visually appealing combination. However, when needed, powder coating can also be applied to the Interclamp fittings themselves to ensure a cohesive aesthetic.

The Interclamp powder coating service:

Interclamp takes great satisfaction in delivering a customised powder coating service that perfectly aligns with your unique preferences. We offer an extensive selection of RAL colours, allowing you to choose the perfect shade that suits your project. Recognising the significance of visibility, especially in safety-critical applications, we have taken special care to ensure that certain colours are readily available in our three-meter tubes, ready for immediate despatch.

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