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What are the benefits of modular shopping trolley bays?

Here are 5 reasons:

1. Quick and easy to transport

Interclamp Trolley Bays are supplied on conventional pallets, meaning that they can be shipped out on standard transport vehicles. It reduces the need for specialist transport companies and the need for heavy-duty forklifts for offloading.  

2. Rapid assembly on site

Each Interclamp Trolley Bay is supplied in kit form and is accompanied with an instruction guide to help you through installation. A major benefit is the incorporation of the Interclamp Fitting range as you will only require a simple hex key to secure the posts and rails.

3. Easy repair and maintenance

Fabricated Trolley Bays can be difficult to repair and maintain because the components are welded together. This means if a section of the structure is damaged, further skilled labour is required to cut out and weld in replacement sections or potentially replace the entire structure.

With Interclamp Trolley Bays, damaged components can be separated from the entire structure with a simple hex hey and easily replaced.

4. Effortless modification

With a standard welded Trolley Bay, modification is difficult and time consuming. It may even result in a new Trolley Bay being installed, which increases costs. The Interclamp Trolley Bay takes the hassle away, as extending or shortening can be done with ease.

5. Installation Safety

Welded Trolley bays can pose safety issues during assembly, such as fumes, fires, burns and electric shocks. They may also require certain permits, if being welded on site.

When using Interclamp Trolley Bays these hazards are reduced as no welding is required. This greatly simplifies the installation process increasing safety for the installer.

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