Tube Clamp Shopfitting Display

Project Category: Shop Fitting and Garment Displays
Product Type: Standard Tube Clamp / Key Clamp Range

Interclamp® tube clamp fittings and scaffold boards create industrial design look for motorcycle accessory retailer.


Interclamp fittings have been used in conjunction with scaffolding boards for shopfitting to create an Industrial Design look for a motorcycle accessory retailer.

The chunky scaffold boards and tube clamp fittings complement each other well to create the desired industrial look and provide an attractive and flexible shop display which really maximises the impact of the products on display.

With the versatility and extensive range of Interclamp fittings this has enabled the shopfitter to build all of the required furniture and components in the shop including the computer workstations, clothing rails, shelving units and seating benches for a consistent theme throughout.

Project Gallery

Interclamp key clamp computer workstation